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Melbourne’s Top Discount Washing Machines for Sale

Words such as dolly-stick, liquid bluing and mangles are more than likely nothing but foreign-sounding to you. Many moons ago, washboard was not an adjective for someone’s toned abdominal muscles either. But what did they all mean? A dolly-stick was a wooden tool used to mix clothing with the water and a cleaning agent such as liquid bluing. Instead of different spin cycles, it was ‘dollying’ and elbow grease. The really stubborn stains were scrubbed away against a washboard, and once everything was clean it was wrung through a mangle, which squeezed out most of the excess water. Don’t even get us started on ironing…

A great range of washing machines and laundry appliances

These days, thankfully, technology has negated the use of all of these laborious items. To get your laundry looking sparkly clean, all you need is to find a quality washing machine sale in Melbourne and Bob’s your mother’s brother! You’ll be feeling and smelling like a million dollars after your clothing has taken a cycle in any one of these top-quality washing machines you see in our online store.

We sell front loaders, top loaders, and clothes dryers, all at fantastically cheap prices – take a look through our range today!

Cheap washing machines delivered right to your door!

We have a huge selection of home appliances to choose from, so whether you’re looking to replace your fridge and freezer, your laundry appliances, or your baby bedding, come to us at CC’s Warehouse. Our discount units for sale are sure to impress, and we’ll even ship free right to your door if you’re in Melbourne’s metropolitan area¹.

¹Our free delivery offer is for ground floor addresses only for premises within the Melbourne metro. All other areas outside or not on ground floor, get in touch with us today for a shipping quote.